The future Right here, right now !

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Our innovation

The windscreen HUD 4K

Pool with haidryer included

Incomming ...

Take a cookie and sit

Alarm clock with "Stop time" option

Incomming ...

Can you feel it ?

Remote-controlled pram

Incomming ...

Don't look at me like that !

Ed: easy drawing

Incomming ...

Please, Stop it !

Connected wireless headphones

Incomming ...

Hey, you !

A death simulator

Incomming ...

Give me a beer, pls

Aerodynamic socks

Incomming ...

One day, it will be true !

Adopt a planet

Incomming ...

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I Am K.

For more than 27 years, I have been helping people bring out the best in themselves, using their imagination as a weapon.

With our connected minds, we have thought of innovations that could change the world.

The government tries to silence our projects, but the truth is out.

*These projects disintegrate, even annihilate certain rules of physics. 

They don't talk about us

Because we're really productive, our new innovation will come at the end of this coutdown

Oh wait... That don't work,, My apologize...

They aren't our partner

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